Why the name Colibri?

Why the name Colibri?

There are many reasons for choosing the name COLIBRI (hummingbird in english). First of all, this bird is incredibly fast and elegant, as is the project.

It is also associated with very beautiful ideas in Native American culture: beauty, agility, gentleness, joy, perseverance, endurance and marvellous. This seems to us to be a good omen.

Finally, an Amerindian legend, recalled later on, perfectly reflects our ambition:

A huge fire is devastating the jungle.
Animals run away in all directions.
Only a hummingbird, relentlessly, goes back and forth from the river to the fire, a tiny drop of water in its beak, to lay it on the fire.
A toucan with a huge beak appeals to him:
“you’re crazy, hummingbird, you see it’s no use.”
“Yes, I know,” the hummingbird replied,”but I’m doing my part…”


There’s even a nice song about our favorite bird: